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Personal Training:
I have over 15 years of experience personal training ages 10 through 80.  I offer individual, pair, partner,  and child packages.  My packages range from two to five days a week and start at about $150 a month.  Personal Training will help motivate you, help you break through your plateaus, teach you proper and safe form, and keep your workouts new and exciting.
Speed Agility / Plometrics:
This is great for athletes and/or anyone.  It is something all my clients enjoy once trying.  It is great for getting lean and burning fat fast because it hits your fast twitch muscles.  It is also great for young athletes who want to increase their coordination, agility, and quickness. Learn sport specific skills and increase your SPEED and change of direction, and become more competive at your sport.
Cardio Boxing:
A program I offer that is a great alternative for doing cardio. It  burns an amazing amount of calories & is REALLY FUN...my clients love it!  It also is a great stress reliever and a really good way to tone up.  Boxing sessions are $25 a piece. "Sport Scientist agree that cardio boxing is one of the best forms of exercise, because it conditions the total body and provides a complete workout for your cardiovascular & endurance systems...the total package workout."
Boot Camp: 
 My camp consist of many drills and exercises, you work your entire body (heart & muscles) by going from one exercise to another with barely any rest. It is a great and different way to burn up to a thousand calories!  You can revive your metabolism, tone your muscles, lose weight, and improve your fitness level while having so much fun you don't even realize your exercising.  Just call or email me for any questions. 
*Many women avoid weight training or are scared that is will make them bulky, when in fact proper weight training will help produce the results most women are looking for.  Weight training stimulates lean muscle which in turn helps burn fat calories quicker and helps keep the fat off. It decreases the chance of osteoporosis, and women have more energy and strengh to perform everyday activities! 
















I take appointments Monday through Friday from 5:30am to 7:30pm.  Call me and schedule your FREE orientation.