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Testimonials/Before & After Photos

  Please take the time to read through these, you might find someone you know and reading about other peoples' success should motivate you.  If they can do it, so can you!!!
  As an experienced Personal Trainer, I have helped many people change their lifestyles.  I have worked with hundreds of people over the last 13 years, helping them improve their outward appearance and inward self.  Below you will see just a few of my clients' testimonials.  I hope a glimpse into their lives will inspire you, as they inspire me each and everyday.
"Your success is my success"


"As a former U.S. Marine, I thought I had all the knowledge I needed to stay in shape but before I knew what hit me, I was extremely over­weight. I decided that I needed help and after shopping around for a personal trainer I found Anthony. Anthony is a great trainer! From the moment I walked through the door he gave me an example eating menu and demonstrated the proper way to do each exercise. He is also a “hands on trainer, constantly adjusting the weight to ensure I am working at my optimal level but not over working myself. I can proudly wear my Custom Bodies By Anthony T-shirt because in the four months I have been training with Anthony, I have lost an aston­ishing 29 lbs, 6 inches off my stomach (soon to be abs) and 5% body fat! With Anthony’s continued help, I hope to be his biggest success story, because without him I couldn't have done it!"


     Dennis Mitchell 


" After meeting with Anthony he inspired me to become aware of my own potential.  Through Anthony, an excellent motivator, I gained self confidence and broke through the fear of failure and now can successfully say I am proud of myself.  I look at myself in the mirror and I see a man I have never seen in reality, only in a dream.  Anthony has made that dream come to life and I am now living my life to the fullest.  If you are one who has hidden in the shadows of others you envy and admire, only to wish to look half as great, then allow that dream, your dream, to become a reality by making the best decision of your life in allowing Anthony, who will not only be your trainer, but your friend, to open a new world for you.  If Anthony only knew how much he really means to us, all that he has helped...so here's to you Anthony and all you do...and may God bless you with your special gift to help others achieve!  I thank you personally from the bottom of my muscle pain , to the top of my muscle gain, you are the best.  I know I pay you, but I feel I owe you more than money for what you have done for me.  My picture shows the results of Anthony's work...make no mistake, I was a hard client to convince.  If I can do this, why not you?  Call him today for a brighter future. It sure is fun being in the light rather than hidding in the shadows of what you wish for.  It is your time and money and he tries hard to get the most for you and is here to bring out the best in us."


        Petey Hathaway                          


"As I started to write my testimony, I can’t believe that I have stuck to any exercise program for so long. The key word in this scenario is ANTHONY GELARDI. If it weren’t for him, “exercise” would be a foreign word for me. Yes, I now know what to do in the gym, but if I didn’t have an appointment I wouldn’t go. You learn a lot about yourself as you go along in life. I know, that I have to make an appointment with Anthony three or four days a week for this to work for me. So far this has been working for me for over 2 years. This is a life style change for me which will last a lifetime. I didn’t realize what a “slug” I had become until I started exercise. Also, “Goodyear Blimp” was my size. There are a lot of people on this earth that will not ever know what it is like to walk into a store and not be able to fit in to anything in the store. I don’t have that problem anymore. I can buy clothes in all stores now. Thanks Anthony!! Anthony starts you out on your level. He rotates muscle groups or works on special areas for you. He encourages while pushing you . He also helps you with your diet, as much as you want or as little as you want. Anthony is a nutritionist, philosopher, psychiatrist and counselor. I am lucky enough to add friend to the list. My job is high stress and physical. He has helped me survive work by providing me with so much energy and a better mental status. I thought I had lots of energy before I started exercising. I was mistaken; I have lost 67 lbs. And have changed from a size 26 to a 16 and a 3X to a large. Thank you Anthony!!!!! I cannot wear anything in my closet, its your fault. Oh, What a Problem!!"                             

                 Sara Hill

"I was referred to Anthony by a friend. From the beginning, I told Anthony what I wanted my body to look like and he targeted those areas. I really didn’t want to lose any weight,  I just wanted to tone up. After 4 months, I lost 2 1/2 inches from my waist,  my body fat has dropped 3 percent and I have went from a size 10 to a 6.  During all this I lost six pounds.  I workout three days a week for 30 minutes and I feel great. My energy level has increased tremendously. Anthony keeps me motivated and coming back for more. Without him I don’t know if I would continue to workout and do cardio like I am suppose to. Before Anthony I was almost ashamed to get in that skimpy bikini but now I’m trying to decide which one to wear. I could not have done it without Anthony. Thanks!!!"

       Teresa Lee

"I have known Anthony for a couple of years now but it wasn’t until about seven months ago that I started training with him. I just figured I would give it a shot, my theory was with my busy schedule if I had an appointment I would be able to schedule my workouts into my day. The first month I was working out three times a week and right away I was feeling better about myself. I had more energy. After the first month I started to notice lean muscle gain and so did other people. My bench press when I started working out was 185 and I was tipping the scales at 170. Now seven months later I weigh 180 and am benching 290. Anthony focuses on each client individually, giving the results that they are looking for. " 


Kevin Brighten


“After meeting Anthony I realized I needed some help. Weighed 144 lbs, was 5’ 3” and was wearing a size 12. Needing to move into a 14. I started working out with him 30 minutes a day, three days a week, and eating every three hours ( which I had never done). I was used to eating only two meals a day. After the first week I could feel a difference in the way I felt. After three weeks I had lost ten pounds. At six weeks I had lost 14 pounds, three inches in my waist and was now wearing a size 7. After ten weeks I was in a size 6, lost four inches in my waist and had abs! I am very toned and look great. I feel so much better during the day and sleep a lot better at night.Thanks Anthony, you are a savior!!"

      Angela Kesler

"I‘ll never forget the night I sat on my couch crying because I couldn’t push/ pick myself up. That was a turning point. I had to do something. A friend of mine had told me about her trainer, Anthony, so I called him, set up an appointment and started. At the beginning I was worried: I didn’t have the right clothes, I was slow, I couldn’t do as much as everybody else... I definitely didn’t want my picture taken. Well, I shouldn’t have worried. Anthony paid attention to all my fears, worked with me any way I asked. He even aimed the fans at me because I really can’t stand to sweat! At this point I have lost over 30 lbs. And over 18 total inches; but, believe it or not, that’s not the important part. I can get up off my couch- no problem. I can walk up my stairs without stopping or losing my breath. My co-worker's don’t have to pick things up for me. I can bend over to put on my socks without using sock-aide. Oh, and my arthritis? Did I mention that? I am no longer taking Naprosyn to allow me to walk! There’s nothing I have ever done for myself that tops working out with Anthony. He has changed my life....I think I’m addicted and at my age, 59, that’s great!"

                Donna Mills

"Being a former East Carolina Cheerleader I knew I had to do something to get back in shape. I started training with Anthony three days a week and doing cardio at least four days a week. In just two months I have lost 4.5% body fat and 3 inches in my waist line. I can’t believe that I have seen such amazing results so quickly. I cannot begin to tell you how wonderful I feel since these changes. I really wasn’t sure that I could do it at first, but with just following Anthony’s program the results speak for themselves. I’m absolutely excited not just about the results, but the easy ability to maintain what I have done. This experience has made me understand the importance of resistance / strength training with a combination of cardio and proper diet. I really want to thank Anthony for all his help thus far; it has been a wonderful experience!"

 Amanda Madeira

"With Anthony’s help I have lost over 40 lbs. People don’t think that old pictures of me are really me. I went from a size 16 to a 12. I lost numerous inches everywhere! Anthony is patient, kind, and a great trainer and friend. I’m sure I’ll reach my goal this year for 40 more pounds with the help of Anthony."

    Caroline Hedgepeth 

"I began working out with Anthony in January 2006 because I was finally ready to get rid of the weight that I had gained over my college career. I tried several times to join a gym and tried different workout routines, but I never saw the results I wanted and would eventually give up. I knew that if I wanted to lose body fat and gain lean muscle, I needed the help of a personal trainer. With Anthony’s knowledge and encouragement, he helped me achieve more than I ever imagined possible. In just two short months, I have gained muscle mass, lost four inches in my waist, and decreased my body fat approximately 4% percent. I would never have guessed that such minor changes in my lifestyle would have such a big impact on my results. This is the first time in a long while that I have more energy throughout the day and physically feel better about myself. Anthony is very helpful, friendly and creates an atmosphere where I feel extremely comfortable. I look forward to continuing my training with Anthony as I continue to achieve positive results!"

   Lauren Midgett

"I have never been satisfied with my body. Before coming to see Anthony, I tried every diet and exercise plan but of course none of them seemed to work for me. After Christmas this year I decided I couldn’t go on feeling overweight and more importantly I had no confidence or energy. Anthony pushed me hard and kept me motivated. I started to tell a difference in the way my clothes fit and I had more energy. My friends could tell a difference not only in the way I looked but in the way I acted. After two months I lost 3 inches in my stomach and my body fat went from 22% to 18%."

 Dana White

"I have been training with Anthony for three years. When I first started working out I had no strength in my arms and legs. My main objective was my stomach. My weight was OK. I just wanted to tone and tighten. I have lost five inches in my stomach, dropped from a size 6-8 to a size 4. I have built muscle where I did not know there were any. I had surgery on both elbows and was afraid to lift any weights. I started off using three pounds dumbells for curls and now I am up to 15 lbs. I feel so much better and have so much more energy. I am very dedicated. I have only missed 4 or 5 sessions in the last three years. I feel so guilty when I have to miss a workout. Without Anthony to keep me going I probably would have given up. He makes working out fun and I thoroughly enjoy each session. I owe it all to Anthony, and thank him from the bottom of my heart."

  Carolyn Byrd

"Two years ago I started training with Anthony. I have back problems and had not exercised for quite a while. I had no energy, de-conditioned muscles, and little flexibility. All of these issues were contributing to my back problems and making it worse. A friend who was training with Anthony at the time suggested to me that I may want to start working out with him in hopes of improving my stamina, strengthen my back and regain better flexibility. Since training with Anthony I have become stronger, more toned and have more energy and my back pain has decreased to a level that it no longer is a chronic problem for me. Anthony has tailored my workouts such that he challenges me without compromising my back. The workouts are fun, challenging and the results have met all of my expectations. Working with Anthony over the past couple of years has been one of the best decisions I have made in my life."

  Valerie Branch






















MISTY AFTER: lost 50 lbs. & went from a size 12 to a 6 in 4 months

SUSIE AFTER: lost 55lbs, 10 inches in waist & went from a 18 to a 12 in five months

MITCH AFTER: waist went from a 36 to a 32

MONICA AFTER: lost 88 lbs, 14 inches in waist and went from a size 18 to a size 4

CLINT AFTER: lost 80 lbs & 12 inches in his waist

TANYA AFTER: lost 46 lbs, 10 inches in waist & went from a size 18 to a size 8

MARK AFTER: lost 50 lbs, pants size from a 38 to a 30, & got tone and strong

OSCAR AFTER: in 3 months lost 30lbs & 5 inches in his waist

STEPHANIE AFTER: lost 5 inches in her waist & got very toned

JR AFTER: lost 40 lbs & 10 inhes in waist

PETEY AFTER: lost over 50 lbs & got muscles

DENNIS AFTER: in 4 months he lost 29 lbs & 6 inches in his waist

TERESA AFTER: went from a size 10 to a 6, lost 4 inches in waist, & 3% bodyfat in 4 months

JEN AFTER: lost 6 inches in waist, 2 1/2 inches in each leg & went from a size 14 to 10

PAULA AFTER: In 8 months lost 40 lbs & went from a size 12 to a size 2

ALEX AFTER: lost 32 lbs & 6 inches in wast (check out his old pants)

ASHLEY AFTER: In 3 months lost 26 lbs. & 6 inches in waist

SARA AFTER: went from a size 26 to 16, 3xL to L, & lost 76 lbs

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